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PHP Scripts

  • PHP-Nuke Email Account Manager Module (Cpanel Hosting)
  • PHP-Nuke Server Status Module (Cpanel Hosting)
  • MySQL Collation Fixer

    This is a stand-alone application that fix COLLATION problems on Database, Tables and Fields on MySQL Databases!

    What you need:

    • Zend Optimizer installed

    How to install this module:

    • unzip

    • run collate.php

    • follow the program istructions

    that's all!

    Please, remember this program is limited to fix 3 random database and 5 tables each.

    Download the program for FREE, click HERE, and test it!

    If you want to manage unlimited database and unlimited tables each, please buy the full version of this program only for 9.99 euro.
    Pay now 9.99 euro with PAYPAL for the registered program!

    If you want the full code of this program, buy it only for 99.99 euro.
    Pay now 99.99 euro with PAYPAL for the registered program and full code!

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